Pine Bonsai Tree

Jack Pine is one of the most popular varieties of Bonsai. The good thing about this variety of Bonsai trees is that they are hardy and can even grow in low-quality soil. This Bonsai variety has become quite popular among the artists for cultivation. If you want a pine bonsai tree for yourself, then you should keep it out in the sun to thrive and grow.

Quick references on Pine Bonsai

Scientifically known as Pinus Banksiana, this is one of the most popular varieties of bonsai trees. They thrive and grow the best when kept outdoors. These trees are natively from North America and are medium-hard. One of the best things about this soil is that it grows well even in low-quality soil. However, neutral or low acidity soil that has 50% of sand is ideal for the growth of this tree. They live healthily when kept under direct sunlight. You will also not need many fertilizers to cultivate this plant, especially during the winters. The tree bear cones as flowers which look very beautiful. Repotting is done every 2-5 years and you will need to prune the plant annually during the springs. Also, it is attacked by pests like Aphids and Weevils, so proper measures are needed to be taken.

Single Flush Pine V.s Double Flush Pine

It is important for you to identify the flush frequency of your pine bonsai before you decide to prune it. The basic difference between both the pines is in their name. The single flush pine has single flush of growth every year. On the other hand, the double flush pine normally has one flush per year, but in case it is stimulated, then you can have up to two flushes annually. For example, the Japanese Black Pine and the Japanese Red Pine.

But it is important to stimulate the trees in order to encourage them for a double flush. The stimulation can be done by pruning the candles early in the season which will stimulate the growth. The second flush, however, will come with smaller candles and shorter needs. But be careful. If you remove the candles of a single flush pine, then it will potentially kill the whole branch.

What is a candle on a pine?

Candles are the elongated stalk that is small in size and grows out of the tips of small branches of a Pine Bonsai. They mainly grow during the spring and early summer season. The candles will slowly get hardened to form branches with the progress in season.

If you see the candles of a pine bonsai carefully, you will notice that there is a brown area at the bottom. This will indicate that they are old growth from previous years. The green shafts that you will see are the current growths.

Pruning Candles

You will be able to determine the health of the candles by observing them carefully. When you compare one candle with the others present there, you will understand if they are at their best health or not. The longer and thicker the candle is, the healthier it is considered. These are the ones that you will want to cut. Make sure to cut the candles properly and not to cut over the first few rows of the needles.

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