Bonsai Size Classification Chart and Guide

Whenever we think about the word Bonsai, we visualize small trees. It might amaze you to know that Bonsai trees come in different sizes, classifications, and styles, that are designed by the cultivators. Bonsai can be classified in terms of their sizes and each size has different names to it. These names are ancient and there are no current translations of these words available. These names have been given to Bonsai trees out of tradition and respect.

Here is a chart which shows the name of the Bonsai Trees according to its sizes:

HeightClassification of size
< 1inch (2.5cm)Keishi Bonsai
< 3inch (7.5cm)Shito Bonsai
< 6inch (15 cm)Mame Bonsai
< 8inch (20cm)Shohin Bonsai
< 16inch (40.5cm)Kifu Sho Bonsai
< 24inch (61cm)Chu Bonsai
< 40inch (101.5cm)Dai Bonsai

Let us now discuss each of the trees as per their sizes in details:

  1. Keishi Bonsai- This is the smallest variety of Bonsai trees which mostly grows up to a size that is less than 2.5 cm or 1inch. The literal translation of this name is “Thumb Size” Bonsai. You cannot find these small Bonsai trees easily as they are very rare and they are difficult to maintain too.
  2. Shito Bonsai- These trees are very small varieties of Bonsai too as they can grow up to a height that is less than 7.5 cm or 3inch. Due to their small size, these trees too are quite difficult to maintain. They are mainly kept for shows and can be kept at houses when they are a bit bigger.
  3. Mame Bonsai- These are mini Bonsai trees that can grow up to a size of 15cm or 6inch. They are not tiny but of course, their size is quite small.
  4. Shohin Bonsai- These are small Bonsai tree which can attain a height up to 20cm or 8inch. These are one of the most popular Bonsai trees that you can find in different households. They look beautiful and fits perfectly in small spaces. They are not very difficult to maintain too.
  5. Kifu Sho Bonsai- They are the medium-sized Bonsai and can grow up to a height of 40.5cm or 16inch. These come with more clout and adds a great character to the overall looks.
  6. Chu Bonsai- Also known as Chumono Bonsai, they are medium-large in size and can go up to a height of 61cm or 24inch.
  7. Dai Bonsai- This variety of Bonsai is quite large as it can go up to a height of 101.5cm or 40inch. This tree variety breaks the stereotype which we have and that is, Bonsai trees always come in small sizes. These are Omono Bonsai’s and are usually kept in gardens or outdoors.


Thus you can see that there are different varieties of Bonsai available in the market according to their sizes. You can choose the medium to large ones as they are easier to maintain. The tiny version does not live for long even with proper care.

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