Bonsai and Minimalism

The practice of cultivating Bonsai is an age-old tradition. From the very beginning, the concept of Bonsai has always been associated with minimalism. Bonsai trees connect with humans through pruning and careful cultivation. If you like the concept of casual minimalism, then you might think of Bonsai trees as a pretty piece that would add some beauty and elements to your otherwise empty apartment. The concept is almost identical for both traditional bonsai cultivation and the modern-day minimalism. In many ways, you will see that Bonsai cultivation experts and minimalism lovers, speak the same language. If you read or know about the history of Bonsai, then you would understand that Bonsai trees have always been the supporter of minimalism movements. The Bonsai Buddhist interpretation allows the minimalist aesthetics and principle of Bonsai to flow outward in life. If you are seeking minimalism and wish to implement its concept into your lifestyle, then this article will give you an insight into Bonsai minimalism and its interpretation in terms of gardening, nature, and as well as life.

The history of Bonsai and Minimalism

Traditionally, the art of cultivating Bonsai has come all the way from China and Japan and it is almost a thousand years old. The word minimalism has a number of aesthetic and philosophical reference points. All of these dates back to the time of World War II where the surrounding environment was full of consumerism, capitalism, runaway violence, and industrialism. Looking at the visual art of those times, you will see the impacts of minimalism in the form of bare structures and simple elements. Just like the art of Bonsai, the concept of minimalism came from Japan too. This can be one of the reasons why both Bonsai and minimalism relate to each other so conveniently.

In the modern era, with the rise in independent thoughts and lifestyle blogs along with counter-culture experiences, minimalism has now become a way of leading your life. Different platforms, with different types of content, now encourage to live a minimal life. The beauty and joy to live amidst minimalism is no more a hidden avenue now. The minimalist concept is trending and now it has become a cultural phenomenon. It has become personalized philosophy now and thus it can be characterized in different ways. From blogs to books and even documentaries now highlight the definition of minimalism and the right way to live with the concept. Coming to the definition of minimalism, it is basically the concept of having and doing less than what you usually have, however you should do and have things that matter to you more. Minimalism is all about making things work for you. Embracing the concept, you will be able to change your thought process and live a stylish life with re-oriented values and a clearer mind.

The minimalist aesthetics of Bonsai Design

You can easily imagine a small Bonsai on a cluttered table of a CEO or standing like one in a crowded garden. But the cultivation of Bonsai is a beautiful process in itself. It can stand alone at a place and enhance the gorgeousness of the surrounding just by its presence. Bonsai is indeed an art that is defined by subtlety and simplicity. It gets easily into the basic form and adjusts its shape to the surrounding. Bonsai puts into use the most basic elements of the nature, and its beauty lies in simplicity. The simple the elements are, the greater beauty it brings to the ecosystem. It takes into account the natural components like sunlight, air, and water and the tree blooms out to be the most beautiful thing that is present in the surrounding.

You would need to take minimal care when it comes to Bonsai. Pruning is one of them as this is the art of shaping and re-shaping the tree. This not only makes the plant look good but also encourages it to grow. If you are a minimalist supporter or an artist, then you can understand how Bonsai trees can throw challenges at you.  You might have to cut the existing branches or might have to trim them so as to get the style that you have always wanted. The process of pruning is very vital here. If that is not done well, then things would not go in the right way for you. Bonsais are indeed a living example of minimalism and in order to incorporate this to your surroundings, you will need to have some artistic skills and senses.

Once you are in tune with the minimalist approach of Bonsai trees, you would no longer want it to be a part of your cluttered desk. In fact, you would give it a surrounding and make space for it so that it can grow in its own beautiful way.

Bonsai- A hobby for the minimalists

Looking into the concepts of Zen Buddhism, you will find several instances where Bonsai was mentioned. Bonsai is all about alignment, it does not take into account a lot of elements but the components in Bonsai are always in synchronization with one another. Bonsai grows together with the person who is cultivating and pruning it. Here we have mentioned a few ways through which you can incorporate Bonsai, that is, the concept of minimalism  in your lifestyle:

  1. The relationship with nature- The bonsai is a piece of minimal aesthetics that lives in minimalism and challenges the artists who encourage the concepts. The Bonsai is a living thing that needs some nurturing and pruning. Minimalism is associated with Bonsai in the form of its relationship with nature, the tree grows in its own tune amidst the modern world, in the digital era where more is considered to be better. A Bonsai tree can connect you to nature in the most simple way. Taking care of the bonsai, you will be able to associate yourself with the natural surroundings.
  2. Meditation- If you are approaching the minimalist lifestyle, then having a Bonsai at your living space will give you the perfect meditative feeling. You can incorporate care meditation wherein you will connect with the tree asking what it actually needs. You can also take it to be a meditative icon, that will remind you about what you actually want in your life. The Bonsai is indeed positive incorporation in your very own space.
  3. Letting go- The very first thing that minimalism will teach you is the fact that you will need to let things go and release all those extra elements. You will have to start believing in the concept that “less is more”. If you think about Bonsai, pruning is one of the most important parts, and in that way the tree lets the extra things go away. Bonsai helps us to understand that the more you let go of unwanted things, the more enhanced your life will be.

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